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Books, CDs and Games by Donna Whyte

Books, CDs and Games

  Click for a larger image  Reading Aptitude Continuum   New!
Each assessment is based upon learning basic concepts that allow readers to decode text and build fluency. The Reading Aptitude Continuum contains 121 assessments that:
  • Provide all materials and charts that allow you to identify individual, as well as class needs
  • Provide you with a progression of skills that allow assessments to be focused to student need
  • Give you access to information that aides in creating reading groups and activities for independent learning
  • Allow you to establish a system for your assessments for quick reporting to support staff and parents.
The thumb drive contains the Reading Ladders, instructions, printable flash cards, and score sheets, as well as customizable versions of the cards and score sheets. Sample Reading Aptitude Continuum pages.
  Click for a larger image  The Writing Teacher's Coaching Tool   New Revised Edition!
Build strong writers one step at a time, using the dozens of classroom-tested strategies in The Writing Teachers Coaching Tool This handy resource puts key prompts and coaching strategies right in your hand. You'll find a unique, quick-reference tool that provides access to key checklists and student samples for easy and effective assessment.
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  Morning Meeting/Afternoon Wrap Up  Morning Meeting/Afternoon Wrap Up 2nd Edition   New!
Make a list of your instructional goals, and then see how many of them you can meet with the easy and practical suggestions presented here. Updated and even more practical, with a focus on 21st century skills, this book will help you build a community of focused, energized and enthusiastic learners. Morning Meeting Afternoon Wrap-Up includes great tips for management and assessment, too, all within a simple meeting framework. You'll love how you can help promote a positive climate of behavior and academic growth by starting each day with a whole class gathering, and then bringing each day to a close with group challenges, songs, games, and other activities to help your students reflect on what they've accomplished. 160 pages.
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    Sing Yourself Smart CD & Book   $10 while they last!
Songs that teach young children basic concepts: Months of the Year, Days of the Week, Colors of the Rainbow, Vowel Sounds, Money & More! Many sung to familiar tunes that children will ask to sing over and over. Sing Yourself Smart Activity Book has activities for each song that will help children practice basic concepts.
98 pages
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    Dinosaurs, Popcorn, Penguins & More CD & Book   $10 while they last!
Songs written to tunes that you will recognize will excite your children about learning topics such as dinosaurs, penguins, character education, dental hygiene and more. Dinosaurs, Popcorn, Penguins & More Book contains ideas and activities that will reinforce the songs found on the CD. Includes black line masters to use today.
128 pages
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  Click for the back cover  You Can't Teach a Class You Can't Manage
This book will provide you with the tools you need to create a classroom of responsible learners. Spend more time teaching and less time managing children. Create a classroom that allows all children to succeed.
K-3 176 pages.
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    Back to School Pack
This Back to School Pack CD is filled with pages of Helpful Hints for a smooth running class along with activities and ideas for the first 30 days of school. The pack starts with 16 Helpful Hints that will allow you to create an organized, fun and independent classroom of children. The second half of the pack is filled with 17 Activities & Ideas, classroom book ideas to make, a treasured book list, a Back to School Kit and much, much, more. Including the song – The First Ten days of School (written to the Twelve Days of Christmas) and a poem for parents which has been downloaded and used by thousands of teachers entitled “You Ask What’s in My Backpack”.
77 pages
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    Yearlong Writing Words
Use the 12 monthly sheets to help your students to become independent writers. Each sheet has common words that are associated with each month and graphics to help the child identify the words. The following clues are included to assist your beginning young writers to spell and identify words:

  • Words that require capital letters have those letters underlined
  • Names of the months have a calendar icon beside them
  • Celebration icons to identify Holidays
  • Season icons to identify seasons

  • Eight pages of Supportive Words are included to support young writers with "high requested" words: Shapes, Colors, Numbers, Days of the Week, Abbreviations of the Months, Family, Pets and Weather
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        Fun Informational Writing Cards CD
    The writing cards allow students to practice informational writing. There are 60+ Writing Cards. Each card has a simple phrase and picture clue to enable the students to figure out the activity. The cards can be run off and placed on a ring by punching a hole in the corner of each card. Teachers can offer students a choice by having all of the cards available or limit the choices by only offering a few activities on a ring and adding/deleting cards over time. If you are looking for structured choices, then simply put all the cards on a ring and tell students which cards are available on a particular day. Each of the cards can be numbered and you might say, “Today’s choice is # 3 or #7”.
    The cards will aide students in choosing informational writing tasks and understanding each of the writing formats. How to, Report on, Describe and Persuade are included. Teachers should introduce one type of writing at a time and show students how the graphic helps you to recognize what the writing task requires. I have also included extra cards with the title words so that you may add your own ideas and cards with key words or thoughts to aid children in the process of the type of writing required.
    These cards can be used during Writer’s Workshop, Center Time, with the Daily 5, for Nonfiction Writing or as a way to assist children in thinking of an idea. Writing card preview
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        Riddle Books CD
    There are so many uses for these great book outlines. They were created as Riddle Books. Children write 2 or 3 clues to something that is hidden behind an object and others use the clues to guess what it is. Children learn to write clues and use question words in their writing. Both of these skills are considered higher level thinking skills on Bloom’s Taxonomy. The covers and writing pages can also be used as Classroom Books with a single cover or as individual books for students.
    This packet includes 19 book ideas - Valentine’s Day, Earth Day, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day, Bus Safety, and many others. Children love these books and look forward to writing. I received this email after a presentation where I shared this idea:

    Hi Donna, I teach the most wonderful students in Washington State, and I attended your workshop, Making Writing Happen. I wanted to give you some positive feedback on an idea you shared with us in Spokane. It’s been one of “those” weeks in my classroom. My kids have been very (shall we say) social. So finally yesterday, I thought, “OK, maybe I could give them an opportunity to socialize AND learn something. So I found the riddles pages in your Making Writing Happen handbook and made a bunch of copies for the kids to work on. I modeled a few examples and then let the kids go. Eureka! They loved it! They had so much fun trying to guess each other’s’ riddles and trying to stump the teacher. They were really good and they were WRITING! I plan on including the riddles and riddle books into my weekly lessons. Thanks for all the great ideas. I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop and got so much out of it.
    Sincerely, Tracy
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        Primary Research CD
    CD contains the "Apple Investigator", "The Great Cookie Caper" and "Private Eye Pumpkin" research packets.
    The Common Core Standards, along with 21st Century Skills require that children are more active in their own learning. There are frequent references made to students learning to conduct research projects at various grade levels. Some grades add “with guidance and support” but each grade is challenged with developing lessons that incorporate “gathering information”, “project-based questions”, “using multiple sources for relevant information” and “sort and present information learned”. Children are naturally inquisitive and educators should grasp that opportunity for learning by developing “short research projects that build knowledge about a topic”.
    This primary research packet was developed to aid children in “learning to learn” and is based upon Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives. You may choose to use one page, several pages or the entire packet to meet the needs of the children in your class. Challenge your high learners with the entire packet or support lower level learners with basic skills by utilizing just a few of the pages.
    The research packet can be used by the entire class as a shared project, by a small collaborative group or each child in your class could complete the packet individually.
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        Home"Work" Calendars CD
    Set contains Home"Work" calendars August through June. Each of the Monthly Home"Work" Calendars were created to provide activities that connect school learning with children’s home environments. The calendars are based upon different levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy of thinking skills. While some days children will use list, count, and find from the lowest level of thinking (the “knowledge” category) other days will require them to plan, create and research from the highest levels of thinking, “synthesis and evaluation”. I have included activities for each of the 6 Thinking Levels. The calendar can provide parents with ideas on the types of activities that they can be doing with their children to connect learning between school and their lives.

    Calendars include opportunities to build skills in math, language, speaking, reading, writing, science, social studies and many other valuable skills that bring learning to life for children. Many activities require parent involvement that will lead to better communication skills. Don’t miss this opportunity to provide the homework families often request with valuable activities that you know allow children to enjoy and experience learning in a natural environment. Children can complete any box on the calendar for any day which will give children choices and build motivation. You, as the teacher, can decide how many boxes a week or month you would like students to complete. Show our children that homework can be fun!

    In addition to the calendar I have supplied thoughts and research on the topic of homework. The CCSS, along with 21st Century Skills move us in the direction of teaching children to learn and to become independent learners. I hope this will help as you connect home to school with “home”work.
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        Popcorn Words Set CD
    Get all 4 of the Popcorn Word Packets! Create small books with multiple ways for children to practice high frequency words sometimes referred to as sight words) these are the words that keep popping up in reading and writing. Each booklet allows a student to:

    - Practice the shape of the word
    - Trace the letters of the word with guided and independent practice
    - Visually discriminate the word from words that are similar
    - Identify the word in reading
    - Write the word through dictation of a sentence

    Practice with a flashcard that includes the shape, a visual clue for the word and a phrase or sentence that has decodable and other high frequency words along with the word being practiced. Therefore, allowing children to practice the word in real reading. Teachers can assign one or more of the pages to students and decide how many words individual students should practice. This allows for differentiation based upon student needs and capabilities. The booklets make a great center activity. Once they are introduced children can practice independently without new directions for each book. The packets of words are based upon Dr. Edward Fry's Research on high frequency words. The first 100 words on Dr. Fry's List comprise approximately half of all written material. Each packet contains 25 words, in order of frequency. Sample words 75-100
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        Games That Teach CD
    Over 30 games that practice concepts aligned with Common Core Standards.

    These games are sure to be winners with your children! The games contain adorable graphics, number representations and characters. The versatility of these games will allow children of all levels to play with minimal direction. By teaching children only four sets of directions many different versions of the games can be played. Sample concepts include: Alphabet, Shapes, Colors, Numbers, Rhyming, Plurals, Clocks, Sight Words, Initial-Medial-Ending Sounds and Before-Between-After Numbers. Games on the CD: Alphabet Game, 4 Versions of Games That Teach (Pop), Homonyms and 15 I Have… Who Has…
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        ABC & 123 Books and Popcorn Words Packets 1&2 CD
    Activity Sheets for Letters A-Z, Numbers 1-20 and Popcorn Words Packets 1 & 2 (The first 50 most common sight words in the English language)

    Activity Sheets for Letters A-Z are designed to practice visual recognition, motor skills, visual discrimination, sounds of letters and reading. I spy the letter ___ allows children to find the letter in the environment. There is also a page for drawing or gluing an item for each letter. The last page of the booklet will reinforce the sound of the letter by putting it in a silly phrase.

    Build number sense using these fun activities for numbers 1-20. Each number has two sheets of activities that can be used to create a number mini-book. Sheets are designed to practice visual recognition, motor skills and awareness of multiple representations of numbers. Find and count the number page allows children to find the number in the environment. There is also a page for drawing representations of the number. The writing page of the mini-book will allow you to dictate a sentence, or children can write a sentence of their own using the number word.

    Popcorn Words 1 contains the first 25 most common words in English based upon Dr. Edward Fry's Instant Word List (Fry's List). According to his research these 25 words make up approximately 1/3 of all written work. While the first 100 words on his list comprise approximately 1/2 of all written materials. These high frequency words should be recognized instantly by readers.

    Popcorn Words 2 contains the second 25 most common words in English based upon Dr. Edward Fry's Instant Word List Fry's List). According to his research the first 100 words on his list comprise approximately 1/2 of all written materials. These high frequency words should be recognized instantly by readers.
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        Dice Games CD
    14 games to practice basic concepts. Includes game directions and black line masters.
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        Center Task Cards CD
    All six task cards on one CD in Adobe pdf files: Buddy Reading, Word, Writing, Letter, Vocabulary and Newspaper.

    Ready-made center ideas. Each card has a simple word or phrase and an illustration to remind children what the activity is on the task card. Independent work time should mean that children practice and utilize basic learning concepts. Teaching children an array of activities that will allow them to work without you is imperative. This will allow you to meet with small groups and individual children. If you have ever wondered "what will the other kids be doing?" these cards will create a classroom full of children who not only know what to do, but want to do it. Each set of task cards was created to outline how to practice skills in an independent classroom environment. While the letters, words, or books change, the basic skills that we want children to acquire do not. The cards come with directions for introduction of the cards, along with blackline masters if needed. Print and cut out the cards you want to use, punch a hole in the corner and place a metal ring through the hole to keep them together.
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      Click for the back cover  Hop, Skip & Jump to Learn
    Donna Whyte and Stephanie Record's CD will bring joy and learning to your class. With songs that teach about letter blending, compound words, syllables and nouns. Along with songs to teach and practice facts about clouds, clocks, shapes, colors, plants, and odd/even numbers. Singing each song will reinforce learning concepts. For everyday fun and routines you'll want to use the songs that address exercise, greeting one another, transitions and the value of family and friends.
    K-2 18 songs.
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      The More Ways You Teach The More Students You Reach  The More Ways You Teach The More Students You Reach
    Char Forsten, Gretchen Goodman, Jim Grant, Betty Hollas & Donna Whyte
    86 Strategies for Differentiating Instruction in your classroom.
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