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About Donna Whyte

About Donna Whyte

Donna Whyte is a certified teacher in New York State, an education consultant and an author. Her experience includes work in Pre K-12 classrooms and support for struggling readers and writers at all levels. Donna has presented keynotes and workshops at the state, national and international levels. Her positive attitude, high energy, and her many practical ideas make her presentations exciting and valuable to educators. Her work includes development of administrative summits on Student Centered Classrooms and Management. Donna also works with East St. Louis public schools as a reading, classroom management and Daily 5 consultant. She works with 5 elementary buildings and a kindergarten center to assess, diagnosis and address the various needs of the students in this high-needs area.

Donna has published several books including You Can't Teach a Class You Can't Manage and The More Ways you Teach, the More Children you Reach and the second editions of Morning Meeting ~ Afternoon Wrap Up and The Writing Teacher's Coaching Tool. She is also the author of twelve activity CDs to assist teachers in aligning engaging activities for students that allow them to learn at higher levels, while encouraging student's to take responsibility for their behavior and learning. Recently, Donna has created the Reading Aptitude Continuum assessment that allows teachers to quickly diagnosis the needs of struggling readers.

  • "Donna brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to your district. She creates a sense of urgency with teachers, coaches, and administration. Her passion is to create classrooms that are child-centered places where instruction is rigorous and tailored for each student. She has the ability to speak to thousands of teachers and coach one-on-one with equal success. Donna will be a tremendous asset to your efforts at school improvement!

    Susan Sarfaty - Regional Superintendent - State of Illinois, St. Clair County

  • "Donna is knowledgeable, passionate about education, and provides outstanding research, activities and information for all teachers."

    Randall Kincaid - Supervisor of Instruction for Sevier County, Tennessee State Coordinator for Reading for TN Reading and IRA, Governor Bredeson's Reading Panel Co-Chair for Tennessee

  • "Without a doubt Donna is by far, one of the top, if not the best, educators I have known in my 35 years in the education field. Her commitment, positive attitude and relentless amount of energy are contagious to children, their families and her colleagues."

    Nancy B. Chase - Former Superintendent, NY Public Schools

  • "Donna's workshops are full of useful tips and practical ideas. She is realistic and enthusiastic! Donna really motivated me to overcome the constant challenges educators face each day."

    Stephanie Stachura, Teacher, Fell School Simpson, PA

  • "Donna's heart bleeds "Students First". Through her coaching support in our district, she has shared a great wealth of knowledge, resources, and strategies. She has helped our teachers design practical and effective ways to meet the needs/demands of all of our students."

    Antionette Johnson, ELA Content Specialist, East St. Louis Public Schools

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